Your Guide to Real Joy

“Real happiness comes from having a purpose in life, which is determined by the choices and changes you can make every day.”  – Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

We have constant control over our own individual happiness.  We choose how to live our lives, and how to respond to changes that come our way.  With research, it has been found that people that incorporate the following actions into their regular routine are happier than those that do not.

  • Talk Nicely to Yourself – Give yourself regular pep talks with encouraging, positive words (Great Job!).  Leave the put downs behind!
  • Get Connected – Leave social media behind, and opt for in person, one-on-one conversations (or on the phone if you can’t meet face to face) with people you care about, and that care about you.
  • Say Thanks – Keep a daily gratitude journal to remind yourself of what you are grateful for.  Review it often to remain optimistic and thankful.
  • Get Moving – Sitting around being inactive perpetuates a cycle of negative thinking.  Schedule at least 30 minutes of activity a day to boost happiness.
  • Meditate – The process eases stress, strengthens immunity, and increases happiness.
  • Understand Unhappiness When it Occurs – When things get you down (which they will), learn from them.  Hard times help us to keep a perspective of what really matters.
  • Share Your Passion – Getting involved with a cause that matters to you benefits you, your health, and your happiness, as much as those on the receiving end.

Are any of these actions a part of your regular routine?  If so, how has it affected your overall happiness?



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