The Small Things: Laying on a Hammock

Getting out of town is always nice.  It doesn’t really matter how far away you are, it always feels wonderful to be in unfamiliar surroundings.  This past weekend I spent in Connecticut.  My boyfriend grew up there, so he is in touch with just how beautiful Connecticut can be.  For me, I always catch myself daydreaming about having one of those cute, colonial style houses that lay near the water, surrounded by lush greenery, walking through a town of late 19th century architecture, with the steeple of a historic church poking through the trees ahead of me.

Since Bret has many family and friends up there, we were able to stay at a beautiful house that we eventually dubbed our “B&B.”  Waking up to fresh coffee and pumpkin bread, catching up on your reading in their homey sun room overlooking green rolling hills, or playing pool on their regulation sized pool table, it was nothing short of a place to relax and escape city life.  And if this doesn’t sound lovely enough, my favorite part laid unassumingly in the backyard.  Perched between two glorious trees, lay something that I had only ever used twice before in my life.  It was a hammock.

Living in or around NYC, hammocks are relatively non-existent.  Who has the space, especially when many do not even have a backyard.  Needless to say, with lack of convenient hammocks around (which is a complete and utter shame), I made good use of my time just laying their peacefully, letting the air gently sway the white, knotted rope that hugged me.  While gazing up, trying to hold off my mind from wandering to work or my to-do lists, I realized how incredibly beautiful the leaves on the tree above me looked.  Simple, with layers of different shades of green, ranging from yellow-green, to lime, to chartreuse, shining from the sun peeking through, it made me truly appreciate that moment.

What makes you “stop, and smell the roses,” and appreciate the moment?



If you’re looking for a hammock of your own, this is a really great one: Pawleys Island Original Collection Large DuraCord Rope Hammock, Oatmeal


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