What’s the Buzz: Starbucks Refreshers with its Green Coffee Bean Extract

very berry hibiscus

Starbucks Refresher – The Very Berry Hibiscus

I would by no stretch of the imagination say that I am a Starbucks devotee.  I will enjoy a Soy Iced Chai Latte if the craving hits me (and when it does, there is never a lack of Starbucks within a block of wherever I am), but I’m just as happy enjoying the same drink at a local coffee shop.  I had seen a promotion a couple months ago where Starbucks was giving away free drinks, The New Refreshers, to the public to get the word out.  If I had been in the city, maybe I would have made a stop in, but I’m not one to go out of my way to try a drink I am not sure I will like.

Last week, while on my way to a seminar, I was incredibly parched, and Starbucks just so happen to be next to the building I was heading to (go figure).  I stopped in, and was seduced by a picture of a drink that looked undeniably thirst quenching (those marketing people sure know what they’re doing).  I stepped up, ordered, and as soon as they called my name, I grabbed and gulped a huge sip.  First impression – It indeed was refreshing.  I had ordered the Very Berry Hibiscus (they also have a Cool Lime flavor), and it was sweet, yet not overwhelming.  These Refreshers boast that it is an all natural drink, with fresh fruit, all natural fruit juice, and Green Coffee Bean Extract, making it delicious, and low in calories.  I loved the fresh blackberries in it, and overall it was satisfying.  I’m not a big coffee person, and there was absolutely no coffee flavor at all.  Apparently, Green Coffee Beans are not roasted, which is what gives coffee its bold, signature coffee flavor.  The cool thing about Green Coffee Bean Extract is that it gives you a natural energy boost, without the coffee flavor, so it can be added to drinks such as this, and there has been studies showing that it can metabolize food more thoroughly, thus aiding you in losing weight.  That sounds like a true perk to me!

So if you are craving something refreshing, with a nice, fruity flavor, and packs a punch of energy, then head into your local Starbucks and give it a try.  With only 70 calories in a grande, and 100 in a venti, it is one of the healthier choices you can make on the go.

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