Incorporating Exercise into my Life – The Follow Through with Tips

HealthySo about a month ago I pledged to myself and all of you that I was going to figure out a way to incorporate exercise ideally into the daily routine, or at least 4 days a week (to read the original post).  I would say that I have definitely made an effort to make that happen.  Here are some of the things that I have been doing that have been working for me so far.

1.  I made an Accountability Chart

I currently am reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which is a really enjoyable read, and will most likely be delved into more deeper in a future post when I finish reading it.  Early on in the book (chapter one to be exact), she creates an resolutions chart that is meant to encompass things that she wanted to work on daily.  She would make a check mark if she accomplished it for the day, and an X if she did not.  This worked as a way to hold herself accountable, as well as show her where she could use improvement.  I took this idea, and put it to use for myself.  Though I have been more successful with the fitness resolutions, as opposed to some of the other things I have on my chart, I always like to reaffirm to myself that I am a work in progress.  Here is a screen shot of my accountability chart:

2.  Post Goals where I can easily see them

Right above my computer I post my goals to work out 4 times a week, and to lose at least 2 pounds a month.  I figured since I spend so much time in front of this computer, I would be constantly reminded to fit it in somewhere during the day (it is only 30 minutes I ask of myself – it is the least I can do).  Eventually I plan to make a vision/inspiration board that I can post more reminders or inspirational tidbits on.


3.  I made exercise not feel like exercise

I enjoy dancing, and guess what, dancing burns calories.  On top of that, if you hold weights, it’s almost like aerobics, but a whole lot funner dancing around in your pajamas, watching the Rhianna video, pumping up and down with your arms holding purple 3 lb. weights, with your daughter singing into the remote control she calls her microphone.  I’ll go through some Rhianna, Party Rock Anthem, and Moves like Jagger in no time.  At this point, it is not only exercise, but quality time with your child.

4.  I put exercise on my calender

Yesterday I did my second 5k this year.  You know why I did it?  Yes it is for a great cause, but I did it because it was on my calender, and posted on my meet up group.  If I wouldn’t have done that, I would not have gotten up on a Saturday morning to do it.  Plus, putting it on my meetup site meant I had to be there to organize it, and I wouldn’t be alone in doing it.  I wish I could say that I actively trained to beat the time  of my first 5k I did in April, but I didn’t (I ran once in preparation).  The thing is though, if I didn’t put that on the calender, I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did the one day I did run, as well as at the 5k.

On a smaller, but just as important way of putting it on the calender, I search out classes I want to take (I just joined a gym), and set the time up for me to be able to attend those.  When I have it in my head that I will go to those classes, I plan other things around it.  It makes it so I actually attend.

5.  I made exercise accessible

As I just noted, I joined a gym.  At the beginning of the month when I first posted about how I had once joined a gym, but made every excuse in the book so that I wouldn’t have to head into the city to actually go, this time I joined a gym that is really close to me location wise (don’t have to head into the city), easy to get to when I drop my daughter off at preschool, and has multiple locations around me and in the city to choose from.  I have loved it so far.  I never realized how much convenience plays a factor in me actually making it to the gym.

6.  I add in activity while doing mundane activities

Though I don’t watch tv that much, when I do, I typically would just sit there and watch.  Now I have started to incorporate arm exercises while I am watching tv.  I don’t do anything too strenuous, and I can sit while doing arm exercises, so mentally it doesn’t feel like it is too much work for me to do while I am relaxing.  It isn’t very much to do a few reps of arm exercises holding light weights, but no matter how small, something is always better than nothing.

So far these are the things that are working for me, and keeping me more active.  Some of these may work for you, some of them might not.  I’ve found some things that are keeping me moving, so I recommend trying different things that will work for yourself.  I’d love to hear what things you do to keep on moving.  Comments are always welcome.

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