Fall is Here! What is on your Fall Bucket List?

FallSeptember has come and gone, and now October has taken over the calender.  That can only mean one thing – Fall is in full swing.  The leaves on the trees are changing.  It is apple picking season, and pumpkins are popping up around town (my boyfriend even spied a Christmas tree at the mall?).  Sweaters have come out of their spots in storage, and the crisp air is now kissing our slightly fading tans.

Do you welcome Fall?

I, myself, am a lover of summer, so there is a sense of sadness that sundresses and flip flops will soon be last season’s attire.  Though the days are getting shorter, there are many things that I do love about fall, making the transition a tad bit easier.  Knowing that fall will come and go as quickly as the Hampton’s season, I decided to make a mini-seasonal bucket list.

Fall Bucket List

1.  Watch the ING New York City Marathon in person

2.  Go Apple Picking

3.  Decorate/Carve Pumpkins

4.  Bake an Apple Pie

5.  Walk through Central Park, and appreciate the feel of the park during the fall

6.  Get out of the city, and see the leaves changing out in nature

7.  Dress up for Halloween

8.  Take Brooke trick-or-treating for the first time

9.  Try to get tickets to the New York Comedy Festival (I’m dying to see Kevin Hart, but his show is sold out already.. hello craigslist..)

10.  Check out the Lowline.

11.  Fall cleaning, and decorate my house for fall

12.  Take a class of some sort – knitting perhaps?

13.  Buy new boots

14.  Make Caramel or Candy Apples

15.  Bake a Pumpkin Bread

16.  Go on a Fall Picnic

17.  Drink a Hot Toddy

18.  Brew a beer or cider

19.  Go to a Corn Maze

20.  Check out the Tatzu Nishi, Discovering Columbus exhibit

21.  Visit the MET, and check out the Warhol exhibit.

22.  Visit Roosevelt Island

23.  Check out the Monet Gardens exhibit before it closes

24.  Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Balloons get inflated.

25.  Take a boat to Bear Mountain for Oktoberfest

Looks like the coming weeks will be quite busy. 🙂

What do you have on your Fall Bucket List?

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