The Small Things: Writing Your Feelings

I was on the bus last week heading to my daughter’s preschool to pick her up, and I felt compelled to take out my notebook, and start writing.  The thoughts weren’t complete, my pen just started moving.  I am not a poet.  I have not written a poem in years.  But sometimes the words just flow out of you – not in paragraphs, but how they choose to be expressed.

A Love for a Daughter

I look at her

I feel complete

She strengthens me in a way that has taken a hold over my mind and body and makes me feel invincible

Her laughter

Her joy

It brightens the gloomiest of days, and magically a smile comes across my face

The love is deep

It is pure and without words

It encompasses me, and I never want to let her go from my motherly embrace

She is my child

my daughter

an extension of my heart that runs free in the world.

She is my world.  She is my everything.  She is my life.

My namewritten for my daughter Brooke

Do you express your feelings through writing?

Mother and Daughter


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