The Birth of a Diet Guinea Pig

Diet Guinea PigWell, it’s the start of a new year, and just like everyone else, my health is at the top of my goals list (remember, focusing on the balls).  Last year I managed to lose 25 lbs, but by the end of the year (and a bunch of Taco Tuesdays later), I was only able to keep off 15 of it.  I realized last year that there seemed to be a million different diets/lifestyles out there with conflicting information.  Now that I have eaten up the last of the junk food in the house (I’m not one to be wasteful, of course), it’s time to try out a bunch of these diets/lifestyles and see what works and benefits me the most.  I intend to spend the year finding out the good and the bad of each lifestyle of eating.  Some might be tougher to stick to than others, but I’m not one to judge based on a lack of meat, carbs, or cooking.

*The one rule I plan to incorporate will be my one cheat day per week.  Whether that means cooking a Paula Deen dessert containing a stick and a half of butter (Fine, I’ll try to keep it to under a stick for healths sake), or ordering the buffalo wings at the bar, this one day is a non-negotiable.

Diet Guinea Pig Rule:

“Thou shalt consume any and all finger-licking and fat-producing foods that I so choose, with the limit of once per week.”

**Alcohol is excluded in the above statement.  I allow myself bubbly or a specialty cocktail (In moderation, obviously – hangovers hurt) whenever I choose, with the stipulation I work out that day.  That seems like a reasonable trade off, since heading to the gym isn’t fun yet (make me work for those drinks).

Now to get this guinea pig going, I shall start out with the Smoothie Diet.

Are you trying out any new eating habits as your New Years Resolution?

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