The Smoothie Diet (Recipes Included)

Well, I am officially a Diet Guinea Pig on the Smoothie Diet.  I chose to do the Smoothie Diet as my first diet of the year for two reason:  1) I freakin’ love smoothies, and 2) I got a new handheld blender for Christmas and I wanted to see how much juice this device has.  Technically, I initially wanted to do a juice cleanse, but seeing as though I didn’t have a juicer, and spending a whole bunch of money on juices to be mailed to me didn’t seem appealing, I decided I might as well use what I have, and enjoy me a liquid diet of the non-alcoholic variety for once.  While I was doing my research for it, I realized that this diet is a bit of a fad at the moment, with Jessica Simpson losing her baby weight due to it, and websites dedicated to the Green Smoothie.  My intention is to do the Smoothie Diet for 4 days, having only smoothies, water, and tea, as a way to jumpstart my body.  Though it is not juice I would be drinking, I figured it would have the relative same effects of drinking my fruits, veggies, and vitamins.

A Juice Cleanse is meant to allow your digestive tract to rest, since the vitamins and minerals are easier to absorb into the body, as opposed to your body breaking apart whole food to extract them.  This break that you are giving your digestive tract is supposed to allow it the time to heal itself, and cleanse itself out.  With a Smoothie Cleanse, the  digestive tract does not rest as much as during a juice cleanse, but you are still reaping many of the benefits.  When consuming smoothies, you are getting all parts of the fruits and veggies, whereas with a juicer, you leave behind so much of the actual vegetable or fruit.  With smoothies you are consuming a lot of fiber, which helps to cleanse the body.  So though I am not doing the fancy juice fast (maybe one day I shall), I still get the benefits, which is good in my book (smoothies are yummier than juices anyways).

After doing it for a couple days, I would say I am feeling pretty good.  I do at times have hunger pangs, but I remind myself that I need to make another smoothie or drink some water.  My energy level wasn’t much different the first day, but I did feel a bit more energized the second day.  It really isn’t that difficult to just drink smoothies, except for when my boyfriend is cooking himself dinner, which in that case I don’t allow him to be anywhere near me while consumption.  Shoveling sweetly scented Asian chicken into his mouth as I gazed on would just be plain cruel.  Luckily he knows better than to do so.  I’ve lost some weight, which I attribute to water weight loss, so I expect that once food is re-introduced, and I get to finally use my teeth again, most of those will be back on the scale (bummer).  As a means to stay motivated, I have decided I will go shopping once I have lost 10 pounds.  Ah, chewing and shopping – life’s simple pleasures.

I shall continue on with the smoothies, so here are a couple of my favorite ones:

Smoothie Diet

Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

Strawberry-Pineapple Smoothie

14 Frozen Strawberries

3/4 C Almond Milk (or your milk of choice)

10 Frozen Pineapple Chunks

1/2 C Non-Fat Plain Yogurt

1 T Agave Nectar


Yummy Kale Smoothie

1 C Kale

7 Frozen Strawberries

1/2 C Frozen Mixed Berries

Smoothie Diet, Kale Smoothie

Brooke enjoying the Yummy Kale Smoothie

1/2 C Almond Milk

1/2 C Non-Fat Plain Yogurt

1 T Honey


You can substitute any kind of milk in the place of the Almond Milk, and to add a bit more healthy goodness, I add a tablespoon of flaxseed to my smoothies as well.  Enjoy!

What are your favorite flavors in smoothies?  Fruits?  Veggies?  Peanut Butter?



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