Smoothies Galore!

Welp, I did it!  I drank only smoothies for 4 days.  To some of you that may sound like a piece of cake (and to you I say, good for you, now kindly keep that to yourself), and for others like myself, chomping into a tomato never sounded so good (and that’s exactly what I did on day five – weird,  maybe,  satisfying, you bet!).

As a result, I lost 4 pounds (which I suspect aren’t really gone, but here’s to wishful thinking), have more energy, and without trying to sound too disgusting, I have really had some very healthy BMs (sorry for the TMI, but I told you I’d be brutally honest).  To get off the potty talk (I have enough of that with my daughter), I’m quite pleased with the results.  I feel like I have jump-started my system, cleansed it out a bit, and now I am ready to take on the next diet of choice, Being Vegan.  Even though I will be introducing whole foods into my diet now, I still plan on having a smoothie a day.  So here is another smoothie recipe for you.

Strawberry Banana Smoothiesmoothie diet

1 cup coconut water (for a creamier smoothie, you can use milk/soy milk/almond milk)

1 banana, broken into chunks

14 frozen strawberries

2 teaspoons of honey

1 teaspoon flaxseed


Smoothie Diet

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