Organic Avenue – A Raw/Vegan Diet Wonderland

Organic Avenue in West Village

Organic Avenue in the West Village

A few months ago I was wandering around a book store, and I stumbled across a book entitled, Odd Jobs: How to Have Fun and Make Money in a Bad Economy.  It basically was a tally of a bunch of odds and ends jobs that you can earn extra income from, or in some cases, a living.  Did you know that a bed tester is a job?  Yep.  He travels the US staying in different hotels each night, testing out their beds.  Kind of awesome right, unless of course you get lonely easily, or you have a crippling fear of bedbugs.


As I flipped through a bit more, one of the jobs mentioned was secret shopper.  This had always intrigued me, so I memorized the web address, and signed up when I got home.  Since then I have completed 2 shops.  The first one was for a brunch, and it was horrendous.  It was very clear why the management wanted to find out what was going wrong.   This last one I did was exceptional.  It opened up the door to this fabulous place called Organic Avenue.

Organic Avenue Juices

Organic Avenue is a chain, Raw/Vegan shop, that has a lovely assortment, ranging from vegan snacks, juices, yogurts, raw wraps, treats, and a variety of products for cleansing.  I decided to ask some questions on digestion, since I was new

Organic Avenue's Booster Shot

Dragon’s Breath Booster Shot

to this whole vegan thing, and the gentleman that was there was very informative and helpful.  He recommended a few booster shots, such as ginger (calms upset stomachs, relieves bloating and gas, and enhances assimilation of food and nutrients  ), aloe (good for calming, soothing the entire digestive tract.), and others, describing how each one tastes.  I decided on the Dragon’s Breath booster shot, which is good during the cold season, packing a potent punch of ginger, lemon and cayenne, as well as a vegan yogurt.  I had always been curious how the non-dairy yogurt would taste, and it tasted really delicious (I actually enjoyed it more than regular yogurt).  As for the Dragon’s Breath- Whoa, it’s spicy, and boy did I love the heat.  If I was made of money, I would be at this little store regularly (and when I say little store, I mean master suite bathroom sized).  The yogurt was $7 (yes, for yogurt!), and the shot was $4.  A bit steep, but when it is on someone else’s dime, who cares.  If you are on a RAW or Vegan diet, and like good quality products, then Organic Avenue is a place you should definitely check out.

Organic Avenue West Village, NYC

For more information on Organic Avenue, you can check out there website here: They have many locations around the city, and they deliver.  Enjoy!

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