Natural Cold Remedy – Honey and Cinnamon

Note to Self:  Don’t book a spa day when you have a cold.  No matter how relaxing the massage and facials are, you won’t get past the fact that you are so congested that you’re gasping for air through your deep cleansing mask.  Actually, better yet:


Second Note to Self:  Don’t let your spa groupon deal come within a week of expiring so there is no other openings available than going to the spa when you’re sick.


There.  Lesson learned.


It is such a bummer that it has been only a couple weeks since I had a category 4, hurricane of a cold, and now I am dealing with a category 1/2 cold yet again.  You would think with all this healthy eating my body would gain some super human strength to fend off these measly germs or something.  Isn’t that the purpose of trying to find a healthy diet plan to stick with – Impeccable health?


Since I am not thrilled by the idea of drugging myself up, I usually try to go the natural cold remedy route.  Here is one that I just started trying, and with this kind of congestion, I’ll try just about anything at this point.


Natural Cold Remedy - Simply Bubbly

I add a little bit of warm water to this mixture to help it go down easier.  It actually tastes pretty good!  Hope this helps you through this tough cold and flu season.

Do you know of any natural cold remedies?


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