About Me

mechampagneabout meHello!  My name is Denise, and I am a California born transplant, NYC-obsessed, Social Event Planner.  I have a lovely 3 year old daughter who loves to pretend she is a bird, and a boyfriend that I met at the diviest bar in the entire city (How I ended up there, now that’s a good story).  I run a young professional woman’s organization called Scene Stealers NYC, as well as a variety of meetup groups.  I have been About me sectonblogging for about a year now, and I am in the process of starting a company.  I have been known to wear dresses in 32 degree weather, channel Martha Stewart every now and then, and can generate songs that rhyme for everyday, mundane things for my daughter’s pleasure.    I am the official Diet Guinea Pig, have an affinity for making lists, and would be set if I had a Champagne dispenser in my kitchen.  If I’m not perched in front of this computer, you can find me eating outside at a boozy brunch, taking this city by storm in any way my mood drives me, figuring out new ways to balance out this crazy life, all while trying my darnedest to live my best life ever!

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