My Bucket List

For as long as I can remember I have always believed in living life with no regrets.  When I was in college in California I made a bucket list, and slowly chipped away at it.  I have had so many great experiences so far from it, such as sky diving, moving to New York, repelling into a cave, and driving cross country.  Now that I live in New York, and have started another chapter in my life, I decided at the beginning of last year to revisit my bucket list, and add to it.  As you can see, I have included things both Big and Small, things that I can do this month, and things that will take years to do.  I figured that if I was going to be sharing with you daily, I might as well let you enjoy the journey I am on through working on my bucket list.

My Bucket List (in no particular order)

1.  Go to Montreal

2.  Launch my company (been working on it over a year)

3.  Get married

4.  Travel to Europe Again.  Visit:

A)  Italy

B)  France

C)  England

D)  Amsterdam

E)  Greece

5.  Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

6.  Zipline through the Rainforest in Costa Rica

7.  Go on a Cruise

8.  Go to Thailand

9.  Do a Career I love

10.  Ride on a Gondola in Venice

11.  Go to a Charity Gala

12.  Go Snowmobiling

13.  Go Wind Surfing

14.  Learn to Sail Again

15.  Play Tennis – June 29th, 2012

16.  Raise a confident and happy daughter

17.  Drive to Key West

18.  Go Horseback Riding

19.  Go Ice Skating – March 2012.  I wouldn’t call it skating as much as being pulled around while trying not to fall

20.  Be pulled on a Dog Sled

21.  Learn another Language

22.  Scuba Dive – March 2012;  It was awesome!   Next Step, Certification.

23.  Go White Water Rafting through the Grand Canyon

24.  Go Surfing

25.  Go Paragliding

26.  Swim with Dolphins

27.  Visit Niagara Falls

28.  See Eiffel Tower

29.  Go to the Ice Hotel in Sweden

30.  Drive Cross Country East to West

31.  Go to Chicago

32.  Go to Carnival in Rio

33.  Grow my own veggies from a seed

34.  Make something out of pottery

35.  Fly a kite – July 22nd, 2012

36.  Take a piece of trash and make it something beautiful

37.  Make a candle

38.  Crochet something

39.  Make Wine

40.  Craft a Beer – February 2013 (it is brewing as we speak)

41.  Learn How to make Sushi – February 2012

Yep, I made these.  Salmon Rolls, Crab Rolls, and Spam Musubi.  Yum!

42.  Paint a picture I can hang – February 2012

43.  Watch Movies on my Classic Movies List

44.  Lose Weight (get to 130 lbs.)

45.  Climb a tall mountain

46.  Learn how to invest in Real Estate, and Invest

47.  Visit Japan

48.  Have “High Tea” at the Plaza

49.  Decorate my house to be my dream home

50.  Own a House

51.  Create a beautiful backyard sanctuary

52.  Incorporate exercise 4 times a week, every week

53.  Learn to forgive

54.  Do Hot Yoga

55.  Perform a Salsa Routine

56.  Go to Hot Springs

57.  Take a Mud Bath

58.  Attend Mercedes Fashion Week Show

59.  See Book of Mormon

60.  Go to something at Madison Square Garden

61.  Eat at Restaurants on my Must Eat At List:

A)  French Laundry

B)  Per Se

C)  Daniel

D)  Le Bernardin

E)  Peter Lugars – April 2012

F)  Gramercy Tavern

G)  Dans Le Noir – Dining in the Dark – May 2012  Click Here to Read About It!

62.  Ride on a trolley in San Francisco

63.  Go to a Large music Festival

64.  See the Ball drop in Times Square for New Years Eve

65.  Take an Exotic Dance Class

66.  Be Featured in publication for my work

67.  Start a Blog – March 2012, and January 2013

68.  Visit Dubai

69.  Stay in a Castle

70.  Learn how to fly a plane

71.  Make a piece of jewelry – March 2012

72.  Go to Bali

73.  Go to Sleep No More

74.  Visit Australia

75.  Row a boat in Central Park, and Visit Belvedere Castle

76.  Go to Daily Show Taping

77.  Run For a Cause – April 2012 (The Lincoln Tunnel Run)

78.  Do Yoga Out in Nature

79.  Learn How to Meditate

80.  Go Apple Picking in the Fall

81.  Spend a summer weekend in the Hamptons

82.  Go Paddleboarding

83.  Go to a Professional Baseball Game

84.  Do the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels for the full 30 days

85.  Live in a Foreign Country for a Period of Time (Paris Maybe?)

86.  Grow this blog to 1,000 followers, and get a bloggers award 🙂

87.  Run a 5k without any walking.

88.  Go to the Metropolitan Opera

89.  See Radio City Christmas Spectacular

90.  Harvest honey from a beehive

91.  Go Grape Stomping

92.  Go to a dog/horse race

93.  Visit Catalina Island


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